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Bank Construction by TeamFederal

Trusted as the Bank Protection & Construction Specialists, Federal Construction builds strong financial institutions, offering proven construction services and support at every phase of the project. Since its foundation as a design & build general contracting firm in 1995, Federal Construction has evolved to become the single-source solution for all your construction needs.

With an average of 31 years experience for TeamFederal superintendents and access to knowledgeable craftsmen, we're equipped to design and construct turn-key, full-service financial facilities from the ground up. We can also remodel your existing institution with almost zero downtime during construction, using our sophisticated modular facilities.

TeamFederal is the single-source solution for every phase of building state-of-the-art financial facilities.

Construction Management & Business Continuity

Choosing TeamFederal's construction management services frees you to focus on other responsibilities, knowing Federal Construction will carefully manage every aspect of the project. Our process begins with initial planning and architecture, advances to engineering and construction, and culminates with selecting and installing the optimal security and bank equipment for your facility's specific design. The result is a beautiful new financial institution built from the start to optimize operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Our service doesn't stop at the ribbon cutting either. Excellent service after completion is a primary concern, so Federal Construction keeps you covered for ongoing protection—against security risks and the risk of natural disaster. Our Disaster Recovery Program features experienced Consultants who will craft business continuity solutions to your unique requirements. By preparing to perform rather than waiting to react TeamFederal will have your business ready to function so you can sustain customer relationships through any crisis.

Our services are designed to keep your institution operating—through construction or disaster recovery.

Modular Facilities

TeamFederal can improve your existing facility and keep your institution up and running smoothly throughout the construction process or during a crisis. Configured with custom floor plans, Federal Protection's modular facilities let you serve customers in an inviting and fully functional environment—complete with security and drive up equipment if wanted.

By configuring custom modular facilities for use during construction, our specialists leave you prepared to provide the same great service your clients have come to expect.