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History & Heritage

Defined By Our Heritage

Founded in 1969 by volunteer Missouri Statesman, Mel Hancock (author of Missouri’s “Hancock Amendment”), Federal Protection, Inc.® began as an alternative solutions provider for an independent bank in Southwest Missouri. After inking the first contract, TeamFederal began an unwavering commitment to protect our clients and provide unmatched customer service every day. For over 30 years, Kim Hancock, our President & CEO, has led the growth from three employees to 200 security professionals who implement our mission statement daily: "Under Promise & Over Perform." Our long history of dependability, strength, and personable service is reflected in our greater than 98% contract renewal rate.

TeamFederal's love for security is evident in the History of Security Museum at the Federal Protection Headquarters in Springfield, MO. As seen in the examples below, we've built quite a collection to celebrate not only our own heritage but the history of security in general.

This is lock is part of Federal Protection's heritage of security.

This is just one of the antique locks displayed in the Federal Protection History of Security Museum.

See our 1920s burglar alarm.

Note the detail on this 1920s burglar alarm.

This is our 1926 sound-wave vault.

This soundwave vault dates back to 1926.