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Financial & Bank Security Services

Our bank security services include custom vaults like this.
Our bank security services include custom vaults and teller windows, like this one.

Federal Protection tests the latest in financial security systems in our state-of-the-art facility.

From Custom Vaults to Complete Electronic Security Systems

Federal Protection is trusted as a leader in bank security services and equipment, ranging from the latest ATM solution to custom vaults to comprehensive electronic security systems. Our 200+ bank security specialists are well versed in breakthrough security techniques & technologies. We strategically staff locations throughout the US, so we can reliably respond to financial institutions' security needs anywhere, any time.

Because we focus so heavily on unsurpassed customer service, we recognize the need to provide bank security services that help financial institutions better serve their customers. For example, our security professionals are trained to install the ATM solution of tomorrow: The NCR Automated Interactive Teller (AIT) offers your customers personal, face-to-face service right at the ATM. By equipping your institution with industry game changers today, Federal Protection can help you serve customers for years to come.

What other financial & bank security services do we provide? In addition to designing modular custom vaults and state-of-the-art Electronic Security Systems, Federal Protection offers complete Branch Development services, ATM Solutions, and Physical Security services.