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ATM maintenance companies like us install the new ATM solution, NCR's AIT.

ATM Maintenance & Monitoring

A leader among ATM maintenance companies, Federal Protection provides every ATM solution, ranging from new ATM installation to ATM security monitoring and repair for all major ATM brands. For over 20 years, financial institutions have trusted Federal Protection to install, maintain, and monitor high-quality automated teller machines, or ATMs. TeamFederal has been selling and servicing NCR ATMs in the Midwest for many years, and we are now the largest provider and service-driven reseller of NCR ATMs in the region. We are continually looking for opportunities to expand our geographic area to serve you.

NCR is an industry innovator in financial self-service, and our security experts are highly trained in new ATM installation and ATM maintenance for all NCR ATM models. For 23 consecutive years, NCR has led the world in ATM manufacturing, and Federal Protection offers our clients NCR's best ATM solutions:

Federal Protection's excellent service does not stop with NCR. We service all major brands including Diebold with our professional staff of over 200.

We provide new ATM installation and ATM maintenance.

Federal Protection offers new ATM installation and ongoing ATM maintenance for reliable performance.

New ATM Installation

Federal Protection's security specialists pride themselves on understanding the current and future demands of our clients' customers. This commitment is one reason we are respected among the most capable ATM maintenance companies. Our approach to ATM maintenance starts with a new ATM installation, which is when we begin our time-tested preventive maintenance techniques. Because Federal Protection services the most sophisticated ATM technology in the world, we recognize that proper ATM installation requires experience and skill. We take care to precisely configure each ATM to the manufacturer's specifications and schedule regular maintenance to ensure the machine's security and peak performance.

In addition to new ATM installation for all leading brands, we offer the following ATM solutions and services:

To learn more about our ATM installation & maintenance solutions including the revolutionary NCR AIT, a customer service game changer, contact Federal Protection.

Leading ATM maintenance companies choose NCR's latest ATM solution for video banking.

The NCR AIT is an ATM game changer.

Federal Protection offers ATM maintenance, new ATM installation, and any ATM solution.

Our dispatchers can help with any ATM issues.