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Branch Development & Bank Planning

We offer interactive teller solutions to all banks we develop, like this one.

Tomorrow's Technology Today

After 45 years spent serving and protecting financial institutions, Federal Protection has developed an intricate understanding of the industry. We offer Branch Development services and bank planning designed to optimize operational efficiency and customer service. By equipping each new bank branch with the latest technologies and designing an optimal floor plan for the space, we can give your personnel more time for professional customer service.

Our bank planning design includes NCR automated interactive teller solutions like this.

Our Branch Development services and expertly designed floor plans can optimize efficiency.

Planning and design for a new bank branch or credit union presents challenges and choices that will impact the success of your new branch for years to come. Our experienced professionals will provide unparalleled service and guide you through every critical decision, helping you ensure the branch will remain ahead of the competition and provide your customers with tomorrow's banking technology today. From sophisticated devices for Integrated Security to NCR's modern interactive teller solutions or Gunnebo's SafeStore automated locker systems, our bank planning is designed with your customers in mind.

Interactive Teller Solutions

Federal Protection is dedicated to providing our clients the financial industry's most impressive innovations in equipment and security. One such breakthrough is reshaping the customer experience at the ATM: Interactive teller solutions (AIT) use high-quality cameras and monitors, enabling institutions to offer friendly, face-to-face service at any location that could support a traditional ATM.

In partnership with the manufacturer, Federal Protection can install an AIT system by NCR just about anywhere—outside your new bank branch, in convenience stores, in grocery stores, or at the local shopping mall. The NCR AIT is built with security features that meet Federal Protection's demanding requirements. Interactive teller solutions already make banking more convenient for countless customers in Europe, and our branch development experts are confident the new technology will soon do the same in the US. We can help you get ahead of the trend and offer your customers convenient AIT service today.

Bank planning design by Federal Protection led to this new bank branch.

An interactive teller can set your branch apart.

A new bank branch like this needs bank planning design and NCR automated interactive teller (AIT) solutions.

We also offer the latest ATM solutions.