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New Website Provides Additional Ways to Serve Customers’ Security Needs


Welcome to the new, completely renovated Federal Protection, Inc.® website. Throughout our 44 years of success serving commercial businesses, financial institutions, and individuals, we've learned a lot about people. Primarily, people want and deserve to feel safe and remain confident that their assets and families are protected. Additionally, people like to know that any company they rely on actually listens to their concerns and will cater to their individual needs accordingly. At Federal Protection, we strive to meet our clients’ needs directly, but we want to back that up by offer something more. Our new website reflects our longstanding commitment to excellent service and enables us to reach and protect more people in the Financial Security and Commercial industries.

New Site

When reimagining our website, we applied the same principles and attention to detail that earned the Federal Response Center CSAA Five-Diamond Central Station designation.

Specifically designed with our clients and potential clients’ needs in mind, the new site features intuitive navigation that lets users quickly, easily find exactly what they are looking for. Serving the Midwest and the entire nation as a leader in security, Federal Protection understands that our clients have specific concerns, and they count on us to handle those concerns. Our security specialists want to make it easy for residents and leaders of financial institutions and commercial businesses to explore the vast array of options we offer, letting them develop a clear picture of the service TeamFederal provides.

We know not every client we serve has the same needs. By navigating our site, clients will be able to not only find a broad variety of security options but also easily find information regarding custom security solutions to fit their individual needs. Whether providing bank security services for financial institutions or intrusion protection services for businesses, Federal Protection is committed to ensuring that each of our unique clients can easily access what they need to make informed choices about their own security strategies.

TeamFederal remains unwaveringly committed to continuing our successful track record of providing our clients the latest in security technology as well as the flexibility for customized protection plans. It is important for people to explore their options before our experts help them choose the optimal plan for their business or home. Whether your situation necessitates comprehensive security systems, intrusion security, video surveillance, or any other security service, Federal Protection has you covered.

We are confident that our new website will serve as an extension of our longstanding tradition of providing the reliable, state-of-the-art security and the unrivaled, attentive service Federal Protection clients have enjoyed since we opened in 1969. We invite you to explore and enjoy our new online headquarters as well as contact us today to meet all your security and protection needs.