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Another Successful Security & Technology Seminar

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Recently, we hosted the 2014 Federal Protection, Inc.® Annual Security & Technology Seminar, and we are pleased to report the event was a complete success again this year. Nearly 60 guests from the financial community attended the seminar, which featured presentations by widely respected Security Practitioner Dana Turner from the research, consulting, and training firm SECURITY EDUCATION SYSTEMS, LLC.

Members of our own TeamFederal were also on hand to demonstrate the benefits of our NCR Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). Guests also joined presenters in a peer group discussion that involved a number of astute, useful questions and comments.

Featured Security & Defense Expert

This year’s featured guest speaker, Dana Turner, is well experienced in law enforcement and tactical business operations. With more than four decades serving in crime prevention and financial institution security, Dana has considerable insight into the types of risks that impact bank planning design and financial security system choices. We selected Dana for the 2014 Security & Technology Seminar in large part due to the reputation he has earned while creating security and loss prevention programs for governmental agencies as well as for retail companies and financial institutions.

Dana addressed two important topics during the day-long seminar. First, during his “Security—Some Assembly Required” presentation, he offered details on planning and implementing comprehensive security and defense systems for financial and retail organizations. After a great lunch, catered by D'arpino's Italian Cafe (thanks guys!), Dana continued. His “Are You Defensible?” presentation educated our guests on the most effective, most efficient ways to thoroughly assess the current strength of their institutions’ security and defense systems.

Dana’s presentations exceeded our expectations and led to an excellent question and answer period with attendees.

Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) Demo

In addition to the seminar topics Dana Turner presented, attendees were able to watch live product and software demos. Designed to let key decision makers test out the latest innovations in security equipment and software, the demonstrations included a close look at the ITM Federal Protection recommends for clients. Our interactive demo gave guests first-hand experience with the equipment, letting them discover just why we partner with NCR for ITMs.

Walking through each step of the process, we demonstrated that our innovative new teller solutions are incredibly easy to use and feature built-in security features and high-quality cameras and monitors. Shortly into the demo, it became obvious to attendees that our ITMs will allow them to confidently replace outdated, impersonal ATMs and provide the friendly, face-to-face service their customers deserve.

Until Next Time

We want to thank everyone who attended this year’s seminar for being such active participants. We also want to thank all of TeamFederal, especially people who were directly involved in planning and demonstrations, for ensuring that we hosted another excellent event. The seminar was a hit with attendees, and many noted that they’re already looking forward to joining us for the 2015 Federal Protection, Inc. Annual Security & Technology Seminar this October. Better mark your calendars now!