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Seven Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Security


As the temperature rises and the days get longer, our thoughts turn to clearing out the clutter and shaking off the winter doldrums. While you’re at it this spring, clear away some common security issues that leave your house at risk.

TeamFederal is dedicated to providing helpful information on home security in Missouri and throughout the Midwest, so we’ve put together a handy home security for spring and summer checklist for you. Below are seven simple and effective ways to make home security an essential part of your spring cleaning routine.

1. Get your house ready before heading on that hard-earned spring or summer vacation.

Before leaving town, notify the Federal Response Center® (or your own security company if you’re not yet enjoying the service and peace of mind we offer). Provide short-term alarm response contacts and instructions so your provider knows who to contact if you’re unavailable. Suspend delivery of newspapers and postal mail while you’re gone. If you’re expecting package deliveries, have a plan to get them off the porch as quickly as possible.

Also, use signage to make it perfectly clear to would-be thieves that your home is fully protected—even if they learn that you’re away. Federal Protection is happy to provide clients with additional signs or replace any older signs, so please give us a call if you could use new signs: 800.299.5400

Home Security Missouri Spring Tips

Deter criminals with signs that show the
strength of your home security system.

2. Make the house look occupied while you’re away.

Set your security system to alternate which rooms have the lights on throughout the night. A remote mobile system like FederalConnect™ makes it even easier to manage security for your house, no matter where you are. With the FederalConnect™ mobile app, you can turn lights on and off, unlock (and re-lock) doors for your petsitter, and even save some money on utilities by controlling the thermostat from afar.

3. Secure all points of entry.

Make sure doors, windows, frames and locks are securely attached. Make it harder to get inside with sash pins on double-hung windows and a solid rod or board in the track of sliding windows or doors. Glass protection film strengthens windows and make them harder—and louder—for criminals to try to break. Double up the strength of door locks by installing solid-steel door braces at the bases of all entry doors.

Take security to the next level with a residential video surveillance system, which lets you control the video and keep an eye on your home at all times from any location, right from the app.

4. Take a look at your house from the street or sidewalk.

If you can easily see objects inside your home, so can a would-be thief. There are many ways to address this issue. Select opaque or closable window coverings that are hard to see through. Install fences, trees, or shrubs around the perimeter of your property. Keep your garage door closed to prevent outsiders from seeing what’s inside.

5. Don’t let thieves play hide-and-seek.

Overgrown trees and shrubs make good hiding places, so trimming the hedges doesn’t just add curb appeal; it can also deter intruders. Bad guys love the dark, so replace burned-out bulbs around doors, garages, and patios. Lighting along sidewalks and stairs also makes it safer for residents and guests to enter your home and harder for thieves to stay hidden.

6. Make it less convenient—and more uncomfortable—to attempt a break-in.

Thorny shrubs, such as rose bushes, will make someone think twice before trying to open a window. Don’t provide access to upper-story windows. Tall bushes or trees near the home can serve as ladders and make tempting hiding places, so keep them trimmed. Tools and sports equipment must be securely stored out of sight. Thieves can steal them and/or use them to break into your home.

7. Don’t forget social media awareness.

Remember, savvy criminals check social media profiles to identify who’s not home, so wait to share those vacation photos until after you return home. Review and update passwords, back up your data, and keep security software up to date at all times. Upgrading your home security system to include wireless access will let you monitor and adjust the settings in your home from any location.

Those seven precautions will leave your house far better protected, giving you additional peace of mind and making your spring and summer all the better. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call for friendly, expert security guidance and service: 800.299.5400

Most importantly, enjoy a safe and happy break this spring or summer!