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Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated fire and security solutions help protect commercial businesses.

Integrated Security Measures
for Complete Protection

Why are integrated security solutions by Federal Protection so important to your company's day-to-day operations? Unfortunately, risks to your employees, assets, and building come in many forms—including intrusion, fire, and environmental concerns. While we can't eliminate such risks entirely, our integrated fire and security solutions are designed to prevent crime and minimize the possiblity of injury and property damage.

Our integrated fire and security solutions protect commercial buildings.

Federal Protection's integrated fire and security solutions are widely trusted by our clients.

After conducting a comprehensive site assessment, we will design your custom integrated security solution using our environmentally specific design approach. However large or small your company, Federal Protection can implement 24-7 professional monitoring and video surveillance of every key area. Our state-of-the-art surveillance security systems support search by unique user ID rather than standard ID, freeing valuable time for your staff and increasing operational efficiency. Other integrated security options include the latest in Intrusion Security, Access Control, and Physical Entry Control.

Scalable Integration Solutions

Federal Protection has offered integrated fire and security solutions for over 45 years, always adapting our integration solutions as the security industry evolved along the way. After close to half a century of protecting organizations of all sizes, it's clear there's no such thing as a "universal" integrated security plan.

Rather than trying to create the perfect integrated security solution plan for everyone, we focus on scalable integration that lets us customize the perfect plan for you. Whether your business requires security coverage for one back door or upward of 10,000, our scalable integrated solutions will provide unrelenting protection.

An integrated security solution like this offers reliable protection.

Biometric finger readers keep any area secure.

This customer chose integrated fire and security solutions by Federal Protection.

We use the latest integrated security systems.