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Advanced Video Surveillance

Office video surveillance with hybrid video can help reduce risk.

IP Cameras & Hybrid Video Recorders
for Advanced Analytics

Federal Protection has been in the video surveillance field since the days of film reels. Thankfully, the need to scour over every frame of a big reel is well behind us. Today, digital cameras, IP cameras, and hybrid video recorders let us capture every moment and search video by unique user IDs, increasing your operation's efficiency. Utilizing the latest hybrid video systems, our surveillance experts also track advanced video analytics and provide you Internet accessibility, so you can access your recorded surveillance video online.

We partner with renowned manufacturers of digital and IP cameras to provide and service reliable surveillance solutions. Our customizable camera systems are available with the following features:

Hybrid video recorders improve office video surveillance systems.

An IP camera provides office video surveillance in high definition.

Building & Office Video Surveillance

Our office video surveillance solutions are scalable to meet the needs of any business. Since 1969, Federal Protection has been dedicated to protecting every client, however large or small the business. We currently provide hybrid video surveillance for businesses ranging in size from single-room offices to expansive buildings with hundreds of entry points. After conducting a comprehensive site assessment to understand your needs, we will design the surveillance plan that's best for your particular environment.

The Federal Response Center® is equipped with an incredibly powerful IT infrastructure and sophisticated IT technology. Our ongoing investment in IT ensures that our security specialists have the framework needed to monitor, record, and review video from every camera in your office or commercial building. So you can be confident no video will be lost, we have the ability to host every second of hybrid video on our secure servers—protected with multi-site data redundancy, which prevents loss should any server fail.

Enhance office video surveillance with an IP camera.

Our dispatchers can review video at any time.

Office video surveillance is better with a hybrid video recorder.

We can mount IP cameras indoor and out.